Submit Application to FSRA
Welcome to FSRA’s Online Services Portal
Use this portal to:
  1. Apply for a New Licence
  2. Apply to Renew your Corporate or Partnership Insurance Agency Licence
  3. Request your Licensing History
  4. Request a Reciprocity Letter (Mortgage Agents and Mortgage Brokers only)
  5. Request a Certificate of Authority or a Certificate of Status
  6. Submit an Offering Statement for Co-Operatives
  7. Submit an Individual Name Change Request.
Within the portal, select the licence type, and the application or request type. In most cases, a fee will may also be required. The final step of this process will ask you to submit your payment. We accept Credit Card [VISA or MasterCard] and some Debit Cards.
Please make sure your application or request is complete. FSRA is unable to process incomplete applications. Refunds will not be issued if your application cannot be processed.
Note: the portal is available in English only.